Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm sitting here...

...at my computer, about to write about Yoga in my blog, looking at the Yoga Sutras, trying to find the one about Yoga being in ease (II.46: Sthirasukhamasanam). Then I have this thought,

"I could get to a place where I am peaceful and unwavered and not affected by anyone or anything or their actions"

I'm not sure if my sentence truly projects the way that thought felt. It is good and calm and peaceful and hopeful. It once again directs me back to myself, as the answers are within me. I like that place, that kind of peace. It's like a big juicy fruit (a pomegranate?) that is like liquid heaven and you could eat it all day and it never makes you full. I want to eat the fruit of that feeling, that kind of peace. All of the sutras are speaking to me now, suddenly guiding me, reminding me what needs to be done.

So instead I give you this, Sutra I.33, as poetically translated by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.:

"So many ways to still the mind,
make friends with those who live in joy,
have compassion for those who suffer,
delight in those who shine with virtue and integrity,
turn your thoughts away from those who dwell in darkness."


Karen said...

Love it! I love Villoldo and I love that Sutra. Thanks for sharing - just lifted me way up!

Laura said...

Thank you. That post made me lighter...powerful.