Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ever thought about your values? What is really important to you in life? What you live by day to day?
I am blessed to be a part of a group of women starting a new community and a new business (really the same thing) that is all about living our perfect lives and inspiring others to do the same. We call it Muselan.
Recently we explored and discussed our personal values. I'm happy to share mine here. If you'd like to learn more about us, and all of our values check out our group blog, Muselan.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Speaking of letting go

Things I need to let go of...

1. Fans drive me crazy. The noise is overstimulating. The wind is irritating. What's up with that?
2. The cricket outside my office window. At least I think that's what that is.
3. My son's obsession with garbage and garbage trucks and recycling. It used to be cute. Now we're getting concerned.
4. Why is the dog pacing the kitchen floor above me? click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click
5. Ever having a clean house for more than 6 hours.
6. People who come to yoga class then afterwards ask if there is an "advanced" class
7. Large corporations who really don't care about the little guy, or the human condition (Comcast, Monsanto, Wells Fargo, to name a few)
8. When one of my kids asks for a glass of milk and I get it and put the milk away and then another one of the kids asks for a glass of milk.
9. Having to have 10 things on a list.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Letting Go for Dummies

Letting Go (i.e. surrendering)
1. Being able to let go of something is not an ability some people have and some people don't. Everyone can do it.
2. Everyone has the ability to let go. Not everyone has the desire.
3. Admitting you want to let go is the first step.
4. Like many things you may need first to learn how. Like most things you want to get good at, you must practice.
5. Letting Go has an amazing power to bring peace and calm into your life. Not to mention the ability to sleep soundly once again.

How NOT to Let Go.
1. Say you can't let go, then you can't.
2. Talk about what is bugging you constantly, as much as you can and to as many people as you can.
3. Try really, really hard to let go. It's called Forcing.
4. Worry a lot. Especially about things in the past. That you can't change.
5. Get angry. Get very, very angry. (Bitterness, resentment and revenge are also good here)

How to Let Go.
1. Breathing helps. Holding your breath is symbolic of, well, Holding. Consciously think about breathing and spend one minute focusing on your breath. (then 2, then 3, you get the picture)
2. Write it down. Get it out once and for all and be done with it already.
3. Know that you may not be proven right (or better). Know that it doesn't matter.
4. Do something (positive) that helps you to relax. Bonus points for something that occupies your body and your mind so fully that you can't help but not think about anything else.
5. Repeat after me: "Let go and let God"

Disclaimer: There are many times in our lives where we do need to speak our truths and to allow ourselves to experience our emotions, including anger. Please allow yourself to do so without harm to yourself or others, then please let go.
The subject at hand was born as a result of a conversation the other day. The other parties involved suggested "Letting Go for Beginners" as the title. I respectfully acknowledge their loving suggestion :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beauty and the Trees

Near where I live we have the most glorious place called the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It is part of the University of Minnesota and it is over 1,000 acres of glorious beauty. I have taken the kids (and anyone else who will go) there many times in the last 5 years. It has trails, a 3 mile drive, several large ponds and gardens, gardens, gardens. Even if you aren't into gardening you can still appreciate these amazing gardens: Iris Garden, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Lilac Walk, Kitchen Garden and Hosta glade to name just a few.

I took the kids there last weekend for a few hours. At the entrance gate we waited behind another car and put all the windows down. There was a nice breeze, blessed quiet and an amazing fresh smell, not quite pungent with flowers but just an overall sense of sweetness. I said out loud to the kids "I love this place!" and they replied in kind, "I love it too."

We had a picnic lunch underneath the most beautiful Oak tree. Each year the Arboretum has a summer exhibition and this year's theme is TREEology. There are juried art exhibits usually involving flowers or trees, or just built into the existing gardens. By this particular Oak the artist had placed 100 gazing balls of various sizes. It was to symbolize the 10,000 acorns that fall in order to grow 1 Oak tree. One of the other pieces of art was a room created entirely out of tree branches, many still growing (willow). Very cool.

My favorite is the Home Demo gardens, especially the vegetables. That's where I got the idea to grow cucumbers, melons and squash on trellises (they hold up the melons with little pantyhose hammocks!). And vine beans grow around corn stalks like the Native Americans used to do. It's also where they have apples trees that grow against walls. It says that in England they grow (or grew?) apple trees that way against brick walls to conserve space and take advantage of the heat.

A favorite of the kids is probably the various waterfalls and the Koi pond. We went with the idea of looking for frogs but since frogs seemed to be laying low that day the fish were the next best things.

My favorite that day was the rose garden. Next to the Oak we had lunch under, the rose garden has over 100 varieties of garden and shrub roses. They are absolutely incredible. A feast for the eyes and nose. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I guess summer IS officially here. I can't believe I haven't blogged for almost a month! It has been busy. Why does summer seem so busy? My theory is that we do all the things we normally do + we add outdoor activities. Still gotta cook and do laundry and go to work. AND want to garden, play outside, go to the park. No wonder it stays light later.

This evening I made it to the new corner garden for more than just a look see. Things have gotten big, including the weeds. Thing is though, I'm not sure what all is weeds and what just may be something of value. The kids tossed seeds from a kids seed mix, so I'm just not sure what's what (except the seedlings I did plant). Doesn't matter too much, it's crowded and certain I-know-what-it-is plants need more light.

The kids were playing in the sandbox. Freight Train created a lake with the hose and Pink Baby was thoroughly dirty. Super Salad joined them in the mess making. "Dammit!" I heard from the sandbox. I uttered the standard mom response, "WHAT did you say?!" Again I heard "Dammit!" then "Dam it up, Sammy! The water's getting out!".