About Me

               meLike you, I am many things.  Some of the many labels I wear include Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Business Owner, Board Member, Student and Volunteer.  And just maybe like you, I break out of my labels and I am what others aren't expecting.

I am a dichotomy, a manifestation of duality.  Like you, I am unique.  I like nice things and I like to get my hands dirty in the garden.  I am frugal when it makes sense to me and it doesn't make sense to me when it comes to my health and mental well being (or with sunglasses).  I am honest - sometimes more than some people are comfortable with - and compassionate.  I love to talk, especially in front of groups, and I practice silence whenever I can.  At first glance you would think I was just another minivan driving mom.  But then you learn that I am honest and loving, silly and fun-loving, accepting and non-judgmental, intelligent and well-read and, above all, full of a whole lotta love.

I have been and done so many different things.  What is life, if not a grand experiment?
  • I received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology because it was the one thing that I innately understood.  I worked at a homeless shelter in college and wanted to go on to Graduate School to become a Therapist.  I thrive on chaos.
  • Instead I got a "real job" working with the Allstate Insurance Company's National Catastrophe Team.  I tracked hurricanes and created reports on earthquakes and hail storms.  "Ask for chaos, I'll give you chaos", Life mutters.
  • I went on to a job in marketing but tired of the 3 hour a day commute into downtown Chicago.  It was fun while it lasted.
  • After moving to Minnesota I got a job in food marketing - Ah, Food!  Life signs go up: "Get out - now! Oh, and while you're at it, try some yoga."
  • I spend the next 3 years as the HR Director of a community bank.  Which eventually was bought out and I opted out.  Life says, "What on earth do you want, girl?"
  • I tried Business school and got halfway to an MBA before I decided it wasn't what I really wanted. What a surprise.
  • I had (and still do have) 3 children.  2 boys and a girl.  1 planned, 2 unplanned.  Now life is really trying to see how much I can handle.
  • My husband has his own business.  He and I start working together.  From home. While taking care of the kids.  Life is screaming at me, "Are you trying to cause trouble?"
  • Ever the curious one, I don't want to stop trying new things.  I teach Yoga, I take Belly Dance lessons, I enroll in a Masters program in Natural Health, I start a new company with other women, I volunteer at my kids school, I read, I volunteer to be on the board of a non-profit, I sew, I garden, I cook, I lift weights, I teach classes and workshops to anyone who will listen.  I have determined that Love is my mission.  Now I am a missionary.
My purpose is to spread love.  To teach people how to love themselves so that we can love each other.  To put ourselves first so that we begin to care about those around us.  To treat ourselves well so that we also take care of our earth.  If it isn't Love, it's Fear.  What will you choose?