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Join us as we discuss Living Your Extraordinary Life!
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  • 9/28/09:  What does it mean to "Live Your Extraordinary Life?":  Join us and MuseKaren as we discuss Living an Extraordinary Life. Show Notes  Listen Now.
  • 10/5/09:  What are the benefits of yoga?  Listen as we discuss what you can gain from practicing.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 10/12/09:  Is it okay to want?  What if exploring your wanting was an avenue to finding your true, authentic, and extraordinary life?  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 10/19/009:  Listen as we chat with Anne Cushman about her book Enlightenment for Idiots, the challenges of living a spiritual life in the West, and the perils of traveling in India.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 10/26/09:  Join us as we discuss the Awaken to Joy program!  Listen as we share simple ways to bring more joy into your life! Show Notes Listen Now
  • 11/2/09:  On this show, we discussed yoga, the basics.  What IS it?  What do all these different types of yoga mean?  How do I pick the right type (and the right teacher) for me?  Listen and learn all about yoga!  Show Notes Listen Now
  • 11/9/:09:  Listen as we chat about the importance of feeling good in finding your Extraordinary Life.  Listen to the end to enjoy Marya's peaceful visualization for  you.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 11/16/09:  Join us as and our guest, Soul Dancer, author of "Pay Me What I'm Worth" as we talk about the magic of Gratitude in the form of dissolving any notion of 'lack' coinciding with the birth of ongoing Abundance in so many forms. Soul Dancer is an author, speaker, wellness coach and more. You won't want to miss this fascinating guest and the beginning of our 2-part series on Gratitude.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 11/23/09:  We're back for the second show in the 2-part series on Gratitude. After discussing the magic of Gratitude and the birth of Abundance last week with author Soul Dancer, this week we give you many ways to create a Gratitude practice. As we near the American holiday of Thanksgiving, it's a great time to create rituals and practices that help us create more abundance by expressing Gratitude.  We'll bring in comments, quotes and tips from the Gratitude chapter in the Awaken to Joy program. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 11/30/09:  As we near the end of one year and the start of the next, it's time to move beyond resolutions that don't stick and start creating Intentions. As we continue on our journey in and towards an extraordinary life we look at ways to really make changes in habits and behaviors and get closer to the life that truly is extraordinary!  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 12/7/09:  All month we'll be helping you de-stress for the holidays. In the first half of this show we'll discuss relatives. Whether you look forward to it or not, the holidays bring a lot more interactions with family. Find out ways to help prepare yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. We'll end the show with a short Yoga practice! Join us to move your body, prepare for the holidays and relax even more! Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 12/14/09:  All month we'll be helping you de-stress for the holidays.  Whatever religion you practice or spiritual path you are on, this time of the year is one celebrated by all as the season of light, where we connect with others and spread joy. Too many of us are feeling disconnected, bring meaning back to your holidays! Show Notes  Listen Now because of the economy, the various wars or our own personal situations. Talk with us as we discuss ways to
  • 12/21/09:  The third of our holidays series - bringing peace and calm to your holidays. Join us for insights and tips and discuss ways to de-stress before the big holiday gatherings (or maybe even after!). We'll also treat you to a wonderful visualization and relaxation exercise to truly bring some peace into your life. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 1/4/10:  We'll be back after the holidays to talk more about those resolutions, how to make them from the heart, how to make them stick and how to use them to achieve the life of your dreams! Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 1/11/10: We're continuing our series on creating resolutions, or intentions, that really work.  We'll help you release or let go of old habits, beliefs and patterns that are limiting you and preventing you from moving towards your dreams.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 1/18/10: Now that you've let go of old beliefs, habits and patterns now it's time to fill that space with your dreams and to create the intentions and action steps to get you there.  Show NotesListen Now 
  • 1/25/09:  We're continuing our series on creating resolutions, or intentions, that really work. Once you release and let go of the past, and create intentions of what you want in your life, then spend time in gratitude for what you already have and the evidence that your dream is unfolding. Learn to allow and be present in the moment. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 2/1/09:  An introduction and discussion of ancient tools that can help you today - find more peace and calm, relax and be present in the moment and cultivate more compassion, kindness and love.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 2/8/09:  Join us as we continue our discussion of the Yoga Sutras and how we can use this ancient wisdom to help us in the modern world in finding our authentic self and living an extraordinary life.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • Inspiring interview with Frankie Picasso (2/15/09):  How do you begin to find your purpose in life?  What is the difference between Commitment and Trying? How do you become unstoppable? Join Muse Laura for an interview with the unstoppable Frankie Picasso, author of Midlife Mojo.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • Living a life of ease (2/22/10):  Do you struggle a lot? The discussion of ancient wisdom for today continues with 2 of our favorite Yoga Sutras and discussing how we can live without struggling. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 3/1/10:  The Attracting Power of Feeling Good  Just Feel Good...sounds good, doesn’t it? We wish we could feel good more often, but if only there was more time, money, support... Yet, feeling good, on a deep, soul-nourishing level, is essential for our lives. Feeling good is a powerful way to create more good in your life and to attract the life of your dreams. On this show we will discuss the importance of feeling good.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 3/8/10:  Walking Through Illusion, an Interview with author Betsy Otter Thompson  Join Marya as she interviews Betsy Otter Thompson, author of the book Walking Through Illusion. The book features a series of short stores about biblical people who either knew Jesus or knew of him, and were influenced by him in one way or another. Author Betsy Otter Thompson believes that we don't take our beliefs with us when we leave here; we take the love we found from having them.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 3/15/10:  An Interview with Pamela Quinn of Elemental OM    Listen to Laura as she talks with Pamela Quinn, founder Elemental OM. Pamela is a certified instructor in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and Perfect Health through the Chopra Center for Well Being. Pam has trained under the direction of Drs.  Deepak Chopra and David Simon along with Claire Diab, Vedic Master. Pam’s training is based in Ayurveda which is a 5,000 year old science of life originating in India. Ayurveda combines lifestyle, yoga, meditation and nutrition to offer a holistic way of life. Pam’s purpose for creating Elemental OM is to introduce you to this amazing way of life in an “elemental” or easy to understand form.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 3/22/10:  From Motivation to Inspiration: Letting Go of the Need for Will-Power Forever
    What if you no longer needed will power? You were just able to do what you want (or need) to do with excitement and zeal. Sound good? Want to know how? Join Laura and Marya as they take you through six powerful steps that will change how you create change in your life. Workbook: Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 3/29/10:  Living Your Extraordinary Life  What does it mean to live an Extraordinary Life? To live on purpose with joy, vibrancy, and inspiration? Join Laura and Marya as they discuss the signs of an extraordinary life and how YOU can begin living it today! Find the Workbook HERE. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 4/5/10:  Manifesting How To - Law of Attraction 101  Have you heard about Manifesting or the Law of Attraction (featured in The Secret?) Here we will present a brief introduction to the concept and how it all works and how it all fits in with living your Extraordinary Life!  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 4/12/10:  Manifesting and Law of Attraction Q & A  Send us your questions regarding the Law of Attraction and Manifesting the life of your Dreams. We'll tackle the tough ones and help you on your way to your extraordinary life!  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 4/19/10:  Special Guest John Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart  How do we heal our difficult relationships and nurture our healthy ones? What is their significance in our spiritual life? Join the Muses as they welcome special guest John Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart. In his book he shows why the path to real and lasting happiness lies in recognizing that we are all One, and in living in that awareness. Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 4/26/10:  Manifesting and Law of Attraction Q & A: Part II  We had so many questions, we couldn't get to them all on 4/12!  Do you have more questions?  Send us your questions regarding the Law of Attraction and Manifesting the life of your Dreams. We'll tackle the tough ones and help you on your way to your extraordinary life!  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 5/3/10:  When Manifesting and the Law of Attraction Doesn't Work  We've answered your questions about Manifesting and the Law of Attraction, now we'll address the ways the process can stall or feel like it's not working. Send us your questions and issues and we'll address them on the air.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 5/10/10:  The Muses Welcome Robin Leigh Vella, author of Silent Voices of the Soul  Robin Leigh Vella is a spiritual healer, transformation guide and channel. For the past fifteen years, she have been teaching self-empowerment through spiritual awareness. Robin is the author of "Silent Voices of the Soul." More than an everyday guidebook, "Silent Voices of the Soul" offers a simple and relateable approach to awareness. Written for spiritually-minded people of all ages, it brings metaphysical concepts down to earth and into the real world. Enlightenment can happen anywhere. Spiritual messages are everywhere. There is no need to travel to India, meditate in an ashram, and wait for an epiphany. A revelation can find you while you are cleaning out the refrigerator. Spirit is always telling you the truth; "Silent Voices of the Soul" teaches you how to recognize the whisper.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 5/17/10:  The Muses Welcome Aubrey Hackman, organizer of the Telluride Yoga Festival  We'll be talking Yoga and Buddhism with Aubrey Hackman, Yoga teacher and the organizer of the Telluride Yoga Festival in Colorado, USA.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 5/24/10:  Signs and Symbols from the Universe and the Importance of Meditation:  How does the Universe send you signs and messages?  On the show from May 10, Marya and author Robin Leigh Vella chatted about ways the universe can (and does) speak to us, send us messages, guide us on our journey to more spiritual and peaceful living.  You might be surprised how simple it is!  On this show, we will continue our discussion.  Do the challenge to prepare yourself!  Show Notes   Listen Now
  • 6/7/10:  Join us for the summer as we talk yoga!  We will begin on this show with a discussion on what comprises a Yoga Practice.  Have you wondered if it is asanas?  Meditation?  Breathing?  What about the precepts such as nonviolence?  How do they all fit together?  Join us as we demystify the practice of yoga.  Show Notes  Listen Now
  • 6/14/10: Creating Your Own Home Practice:  Join Laura as she discusses the basics of creating a home Yoga practice. This show is perfect for someone just starting out in Yoga or those who are ready for a change but can't figure out what to do! Show Notes Listen Now
  • 6/21/10:  Staying Inspired For Your Practice: Laura and Marya will introduce you to the Musasana study program. Musasana is a site dedicated to studying one Yoga pose, in depth, each month. It contains videos, photos and study points for many basic and challenging yoga poses to help your yoga practice go deeper.  They will also discuss ways to stay motivated for your yoga practice!  Show Notes   Listen Now
  • 6/28/10:  Staying Inspired For Your Practice-Part II:  Join Laura and Marya as they discuss ways you might be subconsciously sabotaging your practice.  We will also introduce you to the Musasana study program. Musasana is a site dedicated to studying one Yoga pose, in depth, each month. It contains videos, photos and study points for many basic and challenging yoga poses to help your yoga practice go deeper.  They will also discuss ways to stay motivated for your yoga practice!  Show Notes  Listen Now