Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Backcare Basics with Yoga

Did you know? 31 million people say they suffer from low back pain during the year.

The statistics are staggering, but statistics aside we all know about back pain. Either we've experienced it for ourselves or someone we loves has experienced it. Maybe it's not pain that plagues you, it's a feeling you aren't standing tall. It could just be that you know you need a stronger core. Aside from the foundation that our feet provide, your back is crucial to your physical well-being.

Join me this Saturday for a special workshop all about the back. I'll talk about how the back works in relation to your posture and basic movement and we'll take that knowledge into using the back in Yoga poses. We'll do poses to help strengthen and stretch the back and to work the core to support your back.

If you are new to Yoga this class will help you to prevent injury in your back during Yoga class. If you are more experienced in Asana, use this class as a way to further your back flexibility and strength to get deeper into your backbends.

Backcare Basics with Yoga
Saturday, February 26 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
$25 for Life Time Fitness members/ $35 for non-members
Register by e-mailing me at

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